HTSC Resources

January 2016
FCC mmWave Comments

October 6, 2015
HTSC Letter to the Hill

April 25, 2014
Energy & Commerce Committee Spectrum White Paper Comments

December 12, 2012
HTSC Federal Spectrum letter to the Senate Commerce Committee and HTSC Federal Spectrum letter to the House Energy and Commerce Committee

January 25, 2013
HTSC Voluntary Incentive Auction FCC Comments

Economic, Technical, Operational & Regulatory Considerations for Government Shared Spectrum

September 13, 2012
Testimony of Mark Racek, Director of Global Spectrum Policy, Ericsson Inc. before the Subcommittee on Communications and Technology

May 14, 2012
HTSC Industry Letter to President Obama Calling for Commercial Use of Federal Spectrum

February 17, 2012
Bloomberg: "Airwaves Sales Sought by AT&T, Verizon on Verge of Clearing U.S. Congress"

November 2011
Ericsson Traffic and Market Data Report

Federal Communication Commission - Incentive Auction Site

November 2, 2011
HTSC Letter to House Energy and Commerce Committee

August 2011
Private Sector Investment and Employment Impacts of Reassigning Spectrum to Mobile Broadband in the United States

August 2011
The impact of 4G technology on commercial interactions, economic growth, and U.S. competitiveness

Economic Benefits of Wireless Broadband

Growth of Wireless Broadband and the Spectrum Crunch

April 6, 2011
Economists Letter to the President Supporting Incentive Auctions

March 18, 2011
HTSC FCC Comments on TV allocation, sharing and improvements

Febuary 15, 2011
Broadcast Spectrum Incentive Auctions White Paper - prepared by CTIA and CEA

October 2010
Mobile Broadband: The Benefits of Additional Spectrum - prepared by Federal Communications Commission

October 23, 2009
The Need for Additional Spectrum for Wireless Broadband: The Economic Benefits and Costs of Reallocations - prepared by Coleman Bazelon

Spectrum Auctions: Unlocking the Innovation Potential of Wireless Broadband